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Full Testing
Full testing is explicitly required when a new bus model has not been tested previously at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center.

Partial Testing
In 1992 the Federal Transit Agency introduced the concept of partial testing as a means to reduce the testing burden on manufacturers of previously-tested bus models that were subsequently produced with major modifications, while complying with the intent of the Bus Testing Regulation. The partial testing concept allows modified versions of previously-tested buses to undergo only those tests in which the data would be expected to be substantially different from the original test data.

Major changes to a previously-tested bus that may require partial testing typically fall into four main categories:

1. Changes in components.
2. Changes in design or configuration.
3. Changes in legal rating of chassis, major structure, or systems.
4. Changes in structural materials and/or manufacturing methods.

The individual tests included in the partial testing will vary depending on the change(s) being made to the previously-tested bus and will be based on which tests one might reasonably expect to obtain significantly different test data compared to when that bus model was previously tested. All requests for partial testing are to be submitted to the FTA's Bus Testing Program Manager. Please note that the extent of the changes might result in a requirement for full testing.