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Thomas Built Buses Inc. submitted a model 1108N, diesel-powered 27 seat (including the driver) 32-foot bus, for a partial STURAA test in the 10 yr/350,000 mile category. The Federal Transit Administration determined that the following tests would be performed: 6. Fuel Economy, conditions #2 and #3 of 7.1 Interior Noise Test and conditions #1 and #2 of 7.2 Exterior Noise Test.  Testing started on February 8, 2006 and was completed on February 17, 2006.  The Check-In section of the report provides a description of the bus and specifies its major components.

The interior of the bus is configured with seating for 27 passengers including the driver. Free floor space will accommodate 14 standing passengers resulting in a potential load of 41 persons + 2 wheelchair positions.  At 150 lbs per person and 600 lbs per wheelchair position, this load results in a measured gross vehicle weight of 25,240 lbs.

A Fuel Economy Test was run on simulated central business district, arterial, and commuter courses. The results were 4.86 mpg, 5.41 mpg, and 8.41 mpg respectively; with an overall average of 5.71 mpg.

A series of Interior and Exterior Noise Tests was performed. These data are listed in Section 7.1 and 7.2 respectively.


Number: 0601-P
Model: 1108N
Manufacturer: THOMAS BUILT
Vin Number: 1T88L2E2571281134