Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
06-24-08 12278 The flex line from the A/C compressor is leaking freon. Thermo King representative replaced flex line and charged system. 240.0 3.0
09-25-07 190 The driver's windshield is falling out. Reinstalled windshield. 2.0 2.0
01-15-08 1941 The bolts on the electrical box cover in the engine compartment are broken. Removed broken bolts, repaired threads and installed new bolts. 0.5 0.5
03-24-08 8200 The positive battery terminal on the top battery is deteriorated from corrosion. Replaced battery terminal. 1.0 2.0
03-31-08 8255 The alternator casing is broken at both front mounting bolt casters. Replaced alternator. 144.0 6.0
12-14-07 1004 One engine mount nut and bolt are missing and one mount-to-frame structure nut and bolt are missing. Replaced and torqued nuts and bolts. 6.0 2.0
01-15-08 1941 The hydraulic line to the oil cooler is loose and leaking hydraulic fluid. Tightened hydraulic line. 0.5 0.5
01-08-08 1232 "Check Transmission" light is on. Warrant representative troubleshooted; Codes P0706,0953,2671 active. codes P0703, U011S, P0976, 0880 not active. Inspected and found 9 terminals at transmission and 17 terminals at the TCM spread or damaged. Repaired terminals, cleared codes and ran P0880 TCM poer retained. Checked power and grounds, found bad ground. Ran new wire from TCM and ran a new ground. Cleared codes run on unit. 90975 SST active, 90703 brake circuit. Inspected P0975, bad accumulator solenoid. Replaced accumulator solenoid. P0703, wire 162 service brake status. Wire stays charged when pedal is pressed. Function stays on, record snapshot and data base. Reviewed data lines, CVS is defaulting, service brake status, applied on T1939, OEM/ground problem, road tested to confirm code, P0703 returned but did not turn on inspect trans. Light. 48.0 7.0
03-05-08 5923 Bus is disabled on the Duriability Track. Engine will not crank. Towed bus off Test Track to garage. Troubleshooted starting system. Replaced Master Mux node (Mus 2-B) with a good used node. Ordered new replacement. 10.0 6.0
03-24-08 8200 Inspected the engine compartment for hydraulic oil leak. Tightened fittings at the hydraulic pump. 2.0 4.0
04-11-08 8413 The right front engine mount bolt is broken and the sleeve fell out. Replaced both front engine mount bolts and the right sleeve. 152.0 2.0
05-08-08 9955 The engine charge air line near the generator is loose. Tightened the charge air line and engine compartment firewall. 2.0 4.0
05-12-08 10374 The engine will not crank, transmission control pad is inoperative. Replaced Mux control with used control. 10.0 2.0
05-13-08 10638 The hangers for the charge air cooler line are broken. Replaced hangers for the charge air cooler line. 3.0 2.0
05-21-08 11135 The rear stabilizer bolt for the rear of the transmission is broken. Fabricated and installed new bolt using 1/2" all thread. 88.0 2.0
06-04-08 12034 The two forward and one rear radiator isolator had failed and both forward upper and lower radiator mounting brackets are broken. Replaced isolators and welded/reparied mounting brackets. 3.0 5.0
02-12-08 3724 Two cross members in the engine compartment frame structure are broken. Welded/reparied cross memgers. Installed 7"x4" T-plates to reinforce the bracket interfaces. 36.0 7.0
03-20-08 8200 The frame is cracked at the left and right lower radius rod anchor points. Welded/repaired cracks. 40.0 13.0
05-21-08 11135 The engine compartment where the rear seats are fastened has broken out. Rebult area with 3/16" strap steel and rivets. 4.0 8.0
03-20-08 8200 The fuel tank has a pin hole and is leaking fuel. Welded/repaired leak. 6.0 3.0
04-21-08 8775 The fuel tank is leaking at two baffle interfaces. Repaired leaks with tank repair kit. 56.0 4.0
05-06-08 9436 The frame work that supports the fuel tank is cracked. Welded/repaired fuel tank suppport framing. 4.0 8.0
10-25-07 325 The windshield is falling out. Removed and reinstalled windshield. 5.0 5.0
02-19-08 4345 The air line from the air dryer has a hole chaffed by an electrical connection. Repaired air line with a wuick coupler. Repaired and rerouted the burn-through wire. 5.0 3.0
03-24-08 8200 The deck work under the rear passenger seats is broken. Drilled and rivetted support brackets to the framework. 2.0 4.0
05-07-08 9727 The upper cover on the rear door fell off. Replaced cover. 4.0 1.0
06-02-08 11796 The air conditioning will not function. Troubleshooting found blown 80 amp fuse. Replaced fuse, no cause found. 1.0 2.0
06-02-08 11796 The front door is opening on the Durability Track. Troubleshooted. Temporarily disconnected sensitive door edge. 10.0 4.0
01-04-08 1152 All four rear shocks are worn. Replaced all four rear shocks. 4.0 4.0
01-17-08 2244 The lower stud on the left front shock is broken. Repalced left front shock. 16.0 1.0
01-22-08 2990 Rear axle; the right side, forward shock is leaking oil. Repalced leaking shock. 1.0 1.0
01-28-08 3150 The forward bolts are broken on the right front, lower radius rod. Removed and replaced broken bolts with new bolts. 16.0 4.0
02-06-08 3427 The right front shock is broken at the lower stud. Replaced right front shock. 4.0 0.5
02-12-08 3724 The lower radius rod bolts are loose. Replaced all four lower radius rod bolts with new bolts. 2.0 2.0
03-03-08 5585 Manufacturer requested the right rear, forwad shock (Sach) be replaced with proper shock (Koni). Replaced right rear, forward shock. 0.5 1.0
03-14-08 7598 The right front shock is broken at the lower stud. Replaced right front shock. 1.0 2.0
06-26-08 12419 The left front air bag is leaking air. Replaced left front air bag. 4.0 2.0
07-09-08 13262 Rear axle lower radius rod frame mounts on both left and right side are cracked forwrad of the axle. Welded/reparied cracks. 32.0 8.0
01-04-08 1152 The steering stabilizer is leaking. Replaced steerinig stabilizer. 8.0 2.0
04-16-08 8715 Inspected steering linkage for casue of shimmy. Replaced worn steering stabilizer. 4.0 2.0
04-23-08 8775 The seal failed on the left tie rod. Replaced left tie rod. 2.0 4.0