Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
10-05-07 3059 The passenger doors will not function. "interlock" light is on. Reattached the wire to the door master switch located near the front destination sign. (Terminal screw fell out). 1.0 1.0
10-10-07 3858 The first two passenger seats, right side, are pulling from the wall. Mounting rivets are pulling out of the wall extrusion. Two seats removed. 0.5 0.5
01-02-08 7689 The windshield and weld are coming out at the right upper corner. Reinstalled windshield. 32.0 2.0
09-10-07 1494 Poor engine performance, no power, smoking. Turbo blades are damaged and there is oil in the air charge system. Cummins warranty replaced turbo. bus towed to shop for servicing of the air charge system. Engine/Transmission cradle removed. Air charge cooler removed and cleaned. All components reinstalled. 10.0 349.0
10-15-07 3972 Troubleshoot coolant leak in the engine compartment. Found defective fitting on the 1" cooper pipe located above the rear axle. One inch copper pipe replaced with flexible hose. Coolant topped off. 9.0 2.5
11-06-07 4587 Engine "stumbles" on accelerations. Intermittent "Check Engine" light. Cummins warranty rep trouble shooting. Cummins warranty rep replaced MAF sensor. 2.0 1.0
12-03-07 6069 Intermittent "Check Engine" light. Cummins warranty rep cleaned the MAF sensor. 320.0 2.0
12-20-07 7615 The coolant surge tank is leaking. Surge tank removed, welded/repaired and reinstalled. 8.0 3.0
02-14-08 11388 The bracket on the transmission accumulator is broken. Bracket repaired and accumlator replaced. 148.0 2.0
03-05-08 13696 "Check Trans" light is on. Manufacturer's Rep replaced the solenoid on the transmission accumulator. 4.0 1.0
08-30-07 1034 Four brackets are broken on the exhaust system. Brackets welded/repaired. 2" x 31/2" flat steel added to brackets. 8.0 3.0
12-20-07 7615 The upper forward muffler bracket is broken. Bracket welded/repaired and 4"x3" steel plate added. 1.0 1.0
12-05-07 6119 Both left and right frame rails have stress cracks located forward of the rear axle. Cracks welded/repaired. Added the following plates: left rail, 3 1/4" x 12" left side, outside face 3 1/4 x 10" on the inside face. Right rail, 3 1/4" x 10" inside face, 3 1/4" x 10 1/2 outside face. One between frame and "Y" support left side. One between frame and "Y" support right side. Two pieces on each frame rail to fill the opening in the frame rail. 12.0 10.0
12-03-07 6069 There are numerous cracks at three cross members located rear of the front axle. Cracks welded/repaired. Twelve gussets installed at cross members and two upright wheel well supports added. 16.0 8.0
12-20-07 7615 The frame is cracked left side forward of the rear wheel. 7"x9" plate welded over crack. 80.0 2.0
01-16-08 8478 The frame rails are cracked forward of the rear axles. Welded/repaired cracks. 56.0 2.0
12-03-07 6069 Six seats are broken away from the wall. Replaced seat extrusions and reinstalled seats. 3.0 3.0
12-03-07 6069 The HVAC system is inoperative. Trouble shootiing. Repaired loss of power to pin "U" at the HVAC connector. Driver's display module replaced. 32.0 32.0
01-16-08 8478 Two seats have broken from the side rail on the left side behind the exit door. Remounted seat to side rail. 2.0 2.0
01-24-08 9131 The Thermo King display module failed. Replaced display module. 1.0 0.5
02-18-08 11906 The water line for the A/C coming from the circulator pump to the coach is leaking at the elbow. Removed failed area, repaired with 3/4"heater hose. 6.0 4.0
09-27-07 1858 The front suspension will not fill with air. Tightened loose connection at the front height proximity switches. 2.0 0.5
09-27-07 1858 The right front air bag is worn near the top plate. Right front air bag replaced. 1.0 1.0
10-04-07 2866 The left front air bag is leaking air. Left front air bag replaced. 4.0 0.5
10-10-07 3858 The left front air bag is leaking air near the top plate. Left front air bag replaced. 1.0 1.0
10-11-07 3972 The right front shock is broken at the lower stud. Right front shock replaced. 0.5 0.5
10-17-07 4334 The right front air bag is leaking at the top plate. Right front air bag replaced. 2.0 1.0
10-18-07 4452 The right front air bag is leaking at the top plate. Right front air bag replaced with a smaller diameter air bag. 10.0 1.0
11-08-07 4831 The left front shock is broken at the mounting stud. Left front shock replaced. 2.0 1.0
11-09-07 5048 The left front air bag is leaking air near the top plate. Replaced left front air bag. 2.0 1.0
12-20-07 7615 The right front air bag failed. Right front air bag replaced. 1.0 1.0
01-16-08 8478 Manufacturer's rep requests all air bags be replaced. Replaced all air bags. 4.0 4.0
01-30-08 10209 The rear bolt on the piston of the right front air spring is loose. The threads of the piston are damaged. Replaced air bag. 1.0 2.0
01-30-08 10209 An air line is leaking at the left front wheel well. Repaired damaged air line. 3.0 1.0