Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
01-17-08 2154 The forward front door panel is out of the pivot. Installed a 1/4" spacer to the bottom and replaced the door panel. 1.0 1.0
12-13-07 65 Engine will not crank. After troubleshooting, the rep. requests both batteries be replaced. Both batteries replaced. 68.0 1.0
02-14-08 6609 Bus shut down on the Durability Track. No coach power. Removed temporary fuse connection performed by the manufacturer rep. and replaced the 40 amp fuse link. Also repaired two battery hold down bolts. 2.0 1.0
04-01-08 12440 The left side high beam lamp is burned out. Lamp replaced by manufacturer's rep. 1.0 1.0
01-07-08 1377 The radiator fan is not operating. The fan blades are distorted and hitting the fan shroud. Manufacturer requets 1 1/2" be trimmed off the fan blades. New fan blade ordered. 4.0 4.0
01-10-08 1437 New fan blade arrived. Old blade removed. the new blade sent was the wrong one. Reinstalled the old blade. 62.0 2.0
01-15-08 1710 Coolant is being lost out of the over flow causing a "warning" light. Manufacturer requests the 50 kpa radiator cap be replaced with a 110 kpa cap. 10.0 0.5
02-22-08 8111 Hydraulic line is leaking. Manufacturer rep replaced hydraulic line. 16.0 4.0
03-18-08 10412 One bolt is missing from the left side engine mount. Both left side engine mount bolts replaced. 8.0 3.0
03-19-08 10412 The right drive axle ABS sensor harness wire is broken approximately 15" from the sensor connector. Wire soldered/repaired. 3.0 2.0
04-01-08 12440 Cummins warranty rep. trouble shooting poor engine performance. The exhaust after treatment system (region) is not functioning. Warranty rep. installed a new fuel valve, pressure sensor and fuel filter. 8.0 8.0
12-20-07 512 The bolts fell out of the left rear air bag support. Manufacturer's rep. replaced bolts. 3.0 1.0
01-10-08 1437 The right front air bag failed. Manufacturer's rep replaced the right front air bag. The levelling valve was adjusted so as not to interfere with the air bag. 3.5 3.5
01-17-08 2154 The left tag axle road spring is broken approximately 8" from the eye. Left tag axle road spring replaced. 6.0 2.0
01-23-08 2830 The right tag axle road spring is broken approximately 10" from the eye. Right tag axle road spring replaced. 2.0 2.0
02-06-08 5128 All front sway bar bushings (8) are worn. All front sway bar bushings replaced. 1.0 1.0
02-06-08 5128 The right side tag axle shock is broken. Shock replaced. 2.0 0.5
02-18-08 7027 The left tag axle shock broken and punctured the left tag axle air bag. Left tag axle shock and left tag axle air bag replaced. 11.0 1.0
02-18-08 7027 The right side sway bar link is broken on the drive axle sway bar. Sway bar link replaced. 2.0 1.0
02-19-08 7082 The left front air bag split near the bottom. Left front air bag replaced line. 12.0 1.0
02-22-08 8111 The left front shock is leaking oil. Manufacturer rep. replaced the left front shock. 1.0 1.0
02-27-08 8667 The right front air bag is leaking and the left front air bag is worn near the bottom. Both front air bags replaced. 5.0 4.0
02-27-08 8667 A bolt is missing on the right, tag bag piston. Bolt reinstalled. 4.0 3.0
02-28-08 8679 The front sway bar is broken at the right mount. Sway bar replaced. 12.0 3.0
03-03-08 8950 The left road spring on the tag axle is broken near the eye bolt. Spring replaced. 96.0 4.0
03-10-08 9249 The right front shcok is broken at the lower mount stud. Right front shock replaced. 4.0 2.0
03-13-08 9945 The front sway bar is broken at the right radius. Front sway bar replaced. 2.0 2.0
03-13-08 9945 Rear sway bar, the left way bar link pin is broken. Left sway bar link pin replaced. 2.0 2.0
03-18-08 10412 Both bolts are broken at the suspension side of the upper radius rod, right side. Vehicle blocked out, removed right rear drive wheels and radius rod. Broken bolts removed. found one broken bolt in the lower mount. Bolt drilled out and installed 5/8" Helicoil insert. Reassembled same. 11.5 13.0
04-09-08 13145 Exhaust particulate system needs replaced. Assist manufacturer's rep replacing exhaust particulate system. 6.0 4.0
04-16-08 14174 The left side tag axle shock is broken. Left tag axle shock replaced. 4.0 2.0
04-21-08 14666 The left tag shock is broken and the right tag shock is bent and leaking oil. the right tag spring is broken. Right tag axle spring and both tag axle shocks replaced. 6.0 6.0
04-22-08 14952 The eye bushings on the front sway bar are worn. All 8 eye bushings and brackets replaced. 6.0 2.0
01-23-08 2830 The left tag axle tire blew on the durability test track. Left tag axle tire replaced. 4.0 1.5
02-19-08 7082 The left tag axle tire is worn. Left tag axle tire replaced. 0.5 0.5
03-25-08 11177 The left tag tire is worn. Left tag tire replaced. 1.0 2.0
04-22-08 14952 The left front tire is worn. Both front tires replaced. Right front rotated to the right tag position. 1.0 2.0