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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
05-07-08 1344 The mounting bolts are missing from the grill. Used new bolts to reinstall grill and parking light. 20.0 1.0
06-16-08 3106 The battery tray is coming apart. Reassembled battery tray with 1/4" bolts. 4.0 1.0
04-23-08 615 The rear spring eyes are hitting the suspension tower. Replaced bump stops. 2.0 8.0
04-28-08 1101 The bump stops on the Mor/Ryde suspension are smashed. Temporarily replaced with a 4X4 piece of rubber belting on each side. 38.0 2.0
05-01-08 1186 New Mor/Ryde bump stops arrived. Replaced both bump stops. 59.0 2.0
05-08-08 1381 The right side rear suspension Mor/Ryde rubber bump stop failed. Replaced bump stop. 16.0 4.0
05-19-08 1577 The left rear Mor/Ryde bump stop is pounded out. Replaced left rear Mor/Ryde bump stop. 27.0 2.0
06-11-08 2952 The bump stop for the right rear spring is worn. Replaced right rear spring bump stop. 8.0 1.0
06-02-08 2590 The power steering line from the steering box to the steering pump is leaking fluid. Replaced power steering line and o-ring. Topped off power steering fluid. 4.0 2.0
06-09-08 2670 The power steering cooler line is leaking hydraulic fluid. Replaced power steering cooler line. 68.0 4.0