Interior Noise Test Data Form

Test Condition 1: 80 dB(A) Stationary White Noise

Date 1990-12-14
Personnel S.M. and B.L.
Temperature (°F) 45
Humidity (%) 12
Wind Direction nne
Wind Speed (MPH) 9
Barometric Pressure (in.Hg) 28.68
Initial Sound Level Meter Calibration checked by SM
Interior Ambient Noise Level dB(A)
Exterior Ambient Noise Level dB(A) 52.1
Microphone Height During Testing(in) 45
Measurement Location Measured Sound Level dB(A)
Driver's Seat 54.3
Front Passenger Seats 50.7
In Line with Front Speaker 54.5
In Line with Middle Speaker 51.6
In Line with Rear Speaker 50.3
Rear Passenger Seats 49.7
Final Sound Level Meter Calibration checked by SM
All measurements taken in center aisle with windscreen on.