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Economy Pre-Test Maintenance



SLW (lbs) Personnel

B.L. and S.C.

Fuel System

OK Date Initials
Install Fuel Measurement System Yes 1899-12-29
Replace Fuel Filter Yes 1899-12-29
Check For Fuel Leaks Yes 1899-12-29
Specify fuel type (refer to fuel analysis)


OK Date Initials
Inspect Hoses Yes 1899-12-29
Inspect Brakes Yes 1899-12-29
Relube Wheel Bearings Yes 1899-12-29
Check Tire Inflation Pressures Yes 1899-12-29

Cooling System

OK Date Initials
Check Hoses And Connections No 1899-12-29
Check System For Coolant Leaks Yes 1899-12-29

Electrical Systems

OK Date Initials
Check Battery No 1899-12-29
Inspect Wiring No 1899-12-29
Inspect Terminals No 1899-12-29
Check Lighting No 1899-12-29

Drive System

OK Date Initials
Drain Transmission Fluid No 1899-12-29
Replace Filter Gasket No 1899-12-29
Check Hoses And Connections No 1899-12-29
Replace Transmission Fluid No 1899-12-29
Check For Fluid Leaks No 1899-12-29


OK Date Initials
Drain Crankcase Oil No 1899-12-29
Replace Filters No 1899-12-29
Replace Crankcase Oil No 1899-12-29
Check For Oil Leaks No 1899-12-29
Check Oil Level No 1899-12-29
Lube All Chassis Grease Fittings No 1899-12-29
Lube Universal Joints No 1899-12-29
Replace Differential Lube Including Axles No 1899-12-29

Exhaust/Emission System

OK Date Initials
Check For Exhaust Leaks No


OK Date Initials
Replace Air Filter Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Inspect Air Compressor And Air System Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Inspect Vacuum System No 1899-12-29
Check And Adjust All Drive Belts Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Check Cold Start Assist Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Remarks: None

Steering System

OK Date Initials
Check Power Steering Hoses And Connectors Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Service Fluid Level Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Check Power Steering Operation Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Remarks: None

OK Date Initials
Ballast Bus To Seated Load Weight Yes 1993-01-28 00:00:00.000000

Test Drive

OK Date Initials
Check Brake Operation Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Check Transmission Operation Yes 1993-01-28 KD
Remarks: None