GCC 2793-1093-F

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Dynamic Towing Test Data Form

Date 1994-03-02
Personnel B.L., S.C., & R.H.
Temperature (°F) 34
Humidity (%) 90
Wind Direction SW
Wind Speed (MPH) 4
Barometer (in.Hg) 30.02

Test Results

Inspect tow equipment-bus interface A safe and adequate connection was made between tow equipment and bus.
Inspect tow equipment-wrecker interface Tow equipment was connected by tow chain, to the front axle.
Towing Comments Tow chains were connected to each side of the front axle. As the lift tow was performed with a 4X4 wooden beam placed under the front bumper and a 2X6 below the bumper.
Description and location of any structural damage No damage observed.
General Comments Chains and safety chains held the bus stable throughout the test and the rear axle shafts were removed.