Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
03-06-95 6260 Rear axle u-bolts are loose. U-bolts torqued. 0.25 0.25
01-16-95 647 The negative battery cable is chaffing at the hole exiting the battery compartment. Cable wrapped with rubber insulation for protection. 0.25 0.25
01-16-95 647 The right front hood latch is loose and the left front hood bumper is out of alignment. Latch tightened and bumper adjusted. 0.25 0.25
02-27-95 5212 Numerous body to frame mounting brackets are loose. All body to frame mounting brackets inspected and torqued. 1.5 1.5
03-01-95 5530 The weather strip is off of the right front engine cowl and both bumper stops are broken on the outside engine cover. Weather strip and bumper stops replaced. 0.5 0.5
03-06-95 6260 Mid to rear body mounts on both sides are loose. Body mounts torqued. 0.25 0.25
01-16-95 647 A terminal is loose on the wheelchair lift circuit breaker inside the battery compartment. Terminal tightened. 0.25 0.25
02-28-95 5377 Brake pressure warning light is on and the buzzer is sounding. Trouble shooting; faculty brake monitor diconnected. New monitor ordered. 2.0 2.0
03-06-95 6260 Brake lights stay on, stop light switch plunger is worn. Stop light switch replaced, hydraulic brake switch replaced, and brake monitor ordered on 2/28/95 replaced. 0.5 0.5
01-16-95 647 Upper radiator support mounts: one bolt is loose and one bolt is missing. One bolt tightened and one bolt replaced. 0.5 0.5
01-16-95 647 The left front inner fender well support bracket is coming in contact with the power steering line. Bracket removed and the corners ground off, bracket reinstalled. 0.5 0.5
01-18-95 966 The exhaust pipe flange at the turbo is broken. New pipe ordered. (Note: The pipe is a recall by International.) New pipe arrived an installed. 96.0 3.0
01-25-95 1364 The exhaust pipe flange at the turbo is broken. Broken flange welded/repaired, and approximately 5" of pipe cut off and flex pipe installed as per manufacturers request. 2.0 2.0
01-30-95 1459 International recalled the exhaust pipe from the turbo with a newly designed flange. International also recalled the throttle. International rep. replaced the turbo exhaust pipe and the throttle with new designs. 3.0 3.0
02-15-95 4015 Inspecting for a coolant leak. Loose fittings at the inlet of the driver's heater core and the fitting at the water pump bypass tightened. 1.0 1.0
03-06-95 6035 The fan shroud is broken at the right lower corner and loose piece is contacting the fan blade. Loose piece of fan shroud removed. 0.5 0.5
03-06-95 6260 Both motor mounts are loose. Motor mounts torqued. 0.25 0.25
01-16-95 647 The wheelchair lift will not deploy properly, the bumper stop on the inside ramp is sticking. Ramp stop adjusted. 0.5 0.5
02-15-95 4015 The left front and right rear shocks are leaking oil. Left front and right rear shocks replaced. 2.0 2.0
03-06-95 6035 Air bags are recovering slow. Trouble shooting air system; air fitting at the compressor is loose. Replaced ferrule in fitting and tightened. 0.5 0.5