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Economy Pre-Test Inspection


B.L., S.C., and R.H.

Pre Warm-Up

If OK, Initial
Fuel Economy Pre-Test Maintenance Form is complete yes
Cold tire pressure (psi): Front 120.0 Rear 110.0 yes
Tire Wear yes
Engine oil level yes
Engine coolant level yes
Interior and exterior lights on, evaporator fan on yes
Fuel economy instrumentation installed and working properly yes
Fuel line -- no leaks or kinks yes
Speed measuring system installed on bus. Speed indicator installed in front of bus and accessible to TECH and Driver yes
Bus is loaded to SLW yes


Bus driven for at least one hour warm-up yes
No extensive or black smoke from exhaust yes

Post Warm-Up

Warm tire pressure (psi): Front 120.0 Rear 110.0 yes
Environmental conditions
  • Average wind speed <12 mph and maximum gusts <15 mph
  • Ambient temperature between 30° (-1°) and 90°F (32°C)
  • Track surface is dry
  • Track is free of extraneous material and clear of interfering traffic