LFS-TC4010 2N

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Accessibility Data

Component Checked? Comments


Oil Dipstick Yes
Oil Filler Hole Yes
Oil Drain Plug Yes
Oil Filter Yes
Fuel Filter Yes
Air Filter Yes Located over the engine cooling fan in the engine compartment, limited access.
Belts Yes
Coolant Level Yes
Coolant Filler Hole Yes
Coolant Drain Yes
Spark / Glow Plugs Yes
Alternator Yes
Diagnostic Interface Controller Yes


Fluid Dip-Stick Yes
Filler Hole Yes Fill through dip tube.
Drain Plug Yes


Bushings Yes
Shock Absorbers Yes
Air Springs Yes Front-very limited access without removing wheel.
Leveling Valves Yes
Grease Fittings Yes


A/C Compressor Yes
Filters Yes
Fans Yes

Electrical System

Fuses Yes
Batteries Yes
Voltage Regulator Yes
Voltage Convertors Yes
Lighting Yes


Brakes Yes
Handicap Lifts/Ramps Yes
Instruments Yes
Axles Yes
Exhaust Yes
Fuel System Yes