Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
12-02-96 218 The rear track bar has come loose causing the left rear wheel to rub the wheel well. Repositioned rear axle and retorqued track bar. 12.0 1.0
12-17-96 1280 The rear tracking bar mounting bracket, left side above the axle, has broken off where it anchors to the frame in the track bar hanger area. Note: factory installed center mounting bolt was missing. Track bar mount welded/repaired and reinforced around the hanger area. 144.0 6.0
01-10-97 2441 The rear track bar mount bracket is cracked at the frame anchor point and the track bar is bent were it attaches to the mount. New track bar mount and track bar installed. 120.0 3.0
01-20-97 2895 The rear track bar is loose and the left rear tire is rubbing the wheel well. Rear axle realigned and track bar retorqued. 2.0 2.0
01-07-97 1982 Transmission has failed, potential diagnosis from warranty dealer was the planetary came apart. New transmission installed by warranty dealer. 440.0 6.0