40 LFW


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
01-27-98 7633 The mud flap is missing from the right rear wheel well. Mud flap replaced. 0.5 0.5
02-27-98 9680 First right rear seat step level; bolts are loose. Bolts tightened. 0.25 0.25
02-17-98 8323 Brake air pressure switch is broken. Switch replaced. 0.5 0.5
02-27-98 9680 Two right rear brake switches failed. Both right rear brake switches replaced. 0.5 0.5
10-28-97 240 The rear heaters will not function. Trouble shooting found rear heaters not wired up. 1.0 1.0
11-21-97 3604 Rear heaters not functioning reported 10/28/97. Company rep. installed wiring to the circulator pumps, rear control box, gate valve and the control box for the heat/AC. 4.0 4.0
04-01-98 12868 The left front low beam lamp is burned out. Lamp replaced. 0.25 0.25
04-16-98 14510 The battery terminal lug is broken off the center battery terminal (positive). Terminal lug replaced. 0.5 5.0
03-04-98 10092 Test bus lost throttle, "stop engine" light is on. Bus will not crank. Trouble shooting found a broken ground terminal on the battery equalizer box ground wire. Replaced broken ground terminal oug. 4.0 4.0
10-31-97 534 Clamp on the charge air line is broken and the clamp on the exhaust is loose. Charge air clamp welded/repaired and exhaust clamp tightened. 1.0 1.0
11-17-97 3090 The charge air clamp is broken. Clamp replaced. 0.5 0.5
11-17-97 3090 The transmission will not shift into drive. Trouble shooting found no cause. Shift started functioning again. 4.0 4.0
01-06-98 6676 The transmission will not shift into gear from neutral. ATEC has hard codes 26 and 45 (open to "N" solenoid). As per rep's comments: checked active codes 45-26, inactive 66-00. Drained fluid. Removed control module. Recovered end of broken dipstick. Disassembled, cleaned, and inspected module. Check and remark new dipstick. Checked and found wires rubbed through at the "N" accumulator solenoid from power steering hose. Cleared codes and road tested. 66-00 SCI active J1587 at fault. Reads "throttle % intermittenk" no coolant temperature showing. 63-40 service brake light staying on at the same time. Problem with OEM controls. Customer waiting for wiring schematics and will repair 24.0 8.0
01-07-98 6680 The transmisison will not shift into gear from neutral. Found improper terminals at the service brake, also found two broken socket terminals at the throttle sensor connector. Problem reported to manufacturer. 24.0 2.5
01-14-98 6705 The transmission will not shift into gear from neutral. Continue trouble shooting ATEC system. 192.0 8.0
01-15-98 6705 The transmisison will not shift into gear from neutral. Continue trouble shooting ATEC and Dinex systems. 24.0 8.0
01-16-98 6705 The transmission will not shift into gear from neutral. Continue trouble shooting ATEC and Dinex system. Replaced two broken weatherpack terminals and four mismatched terminals in the throttle position sensor and brake switch. Lights still won't go out and "code 6340" remains. 24.0 8.0
01-19-98 6745 The transmission will not shift into gear from neutral. Rep. trouble shooting ATEC and Dinex systems; found loose wiring terminal at the plug in the diagnostic reader. Possible stuck pressure switch on the service brake. 72.0 8.0
01-27-98 7633 Follow up check on no shift problem. Connect Pro-Link and check ATEC for codes; codes 66-00 and 63-40 both in memory, not active at this time. Checked connections and wiring. 1.0 1.0
01-28-98 7878 The transmission will not shift into gear. As per manufacturer, bypassed relay by jumping wires #155 and #161. 8.0 1.0
02-03-98 8322 The transmission will not shift into gear from neutral. As per warranty reps. comments; 24.0 8.0
02-27-98 9680 The u-bolt for the heat shield coming form the turbo is broken. U-bolt replaced. 0.5 0.5
03-03-98 10055 Engine will not crank. Tightened the terminals at the 24 volt cutoff and at the battery ground. Found the starter solenoid arcing at the starter side of the solenoid. Replaced solenoid. 1.5 1.5
03-11-98 10761 The upper radiator hose is split and leaking. Hose replaced and coolant topped off. 1.0 1.0
03-18-98 11707 The negative battery cable is broken. Replaced negative battery cable. 1.0 1.0
04-02-98 12868 The mounting tab on the exhaust pipe heat shield are broken., the flex pipe between the turbo and muffler is broken and the lower mounting bracket for the muffler is broken. Mounting tabs for heat shield and lower mounting bracket for muffler welded/repaired. Flex pipe replaced. 2.5 2.5
04-06-98 13198 The terminal lug is broken on the positive terminal of the second battery from the left. Replaced terminal lug. 0.5 0.5
04-07-98 13234 The rear axle is running out of line. The left radius rod is approximately 1/2" out of adjustment (short). Radius rod adjusted. 4.0 4.0
04-15-98 14310 The mounting tabs have broken off the heat shield for the exhaust (engine to muffler). Heat shield welded/repaired and reinstalled. 4.0 4.0
03-11-98 10761 Hold down straps on the upper fuel tank are loose. Hold down straps tightened. 0.25 0.25
10-29-97 274 The right rear forward most shock is missing the upper nut and washer. Nut and washer replaced, threads on the shock cleaned up. 0.5 0.5
10-30-97 300 Front axle; the forward most locking sleeves on the lower radius rods are hitting on the radius rod mount. Locking sleeves loosened and repositioned to eliminate contact with the mounts. 0.5 0.5
12-05-97 4915 The rear axle has shifted forward on the left side. The left rear lower radius rod is broken on the tapered end. Parts ordered. Parts received. Radius rod installed and rear axle aligned. 144.0 3.5
12-05-97 4915 The right suspension bumper stop on the rear axle is split. Bumper stop replaced. 0.5 0.5
12-12-97 4965 The welds at lower anchor point bushings for the rear radius rods are cracked where the bushings attach to the C-beams. Cracks welded/repaired. 4.5 4.5
12-16-97 5637 Both front shocks are leaking oil. Replaced both front shocks. 4.0 4.0
12-19-97 6325 Rear axle; the left forward most shock is leaking oil. Shock replaced. 3.0 3.0
01-06-98 6676 Both rear axle suspension bemas are cracked on the lower outside radius. The cracks start 10" from the axle mount pad. The right side is 9" long and the left side is 11.5" long. Cracks welded/repaired. 6.0 6.0
01-29-98 8045 The right rear low radius rod is broken. Threads cleaned and radius rod replaced. 5.0 5.0
03-03-98 10055 The left rear, rear shock upper mount nut came off, threads damaged. Shock replaced. 0.5 0.5
03-31-98 12786 The left rear lower radius rod is broken. Replaced radius rod. 4.0 4.0
04-01-98 12868 Left rear lower radius rod; the frame mount bolt hole is stripped out. Retapped 18mm x 1.5 to 3/4" x 16and installed 3/4 x 16 bolt. 0.75 0.75
04-01-98 12868 All four rear shocks are worn. Replaced all four rear shocks. 2.0 2.0
10-31-97 534 Power steering line in the engine compartment is leaking power steering fluid. Power steering line replaced. 3.0 3.0