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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
07-03-98 5751 The rear A/C unit will not function. Refrigerant leak found in the condenser. No repair at this time. 1.0 1.0
05-26-98 1848 The rear axle hubs are leaking oil. Rear axle hubs retorqued. 1.0 1.0
05-26-98 1848 The mounting bracket and hood cables are hitting the handicap device solenoid and terminals. Electrical panel isolated with a 6" x 9" piece of rubber. 0.5 0.5
05-26-98 1848 The right side, center, frame-to-body mount bolts are broken. Replaced nuts and bolts. 0.5 0.5
05-26-98 1848 The left lower, front, engine mount bolt is loose and the engine mount bushing is worn. The manufacturer requests warranty work be performed at tan International Warranty Dealer. Bushings and bolts replaced through warranty. 2.5 2.5
06-04-98 2762 Both the left and right rear body-to-frame mount bolts are broken. Bolts replaced. 0.5 0.5
07-13-98 6906 The front bumper is loose. Missing bolt replaced and all others torqued. 0.25 0.25
07-03-98 5751 The 20 amp fuse is blown in the turn signal circuit. Trouble shooting found no cause, fuse replaced. 0.5 0.5
07-13-98 6906 The headlights and turn signals will not function. Trouble shooting found wires chaffed through against the rear of the left engine cylinder. Wires repaired, routed away and blown fuse replaced. 2.0 2.0
05-08-98 0 Fan blades are hitting the fan shroud and the A/C belt. Fan shroud mounting holes slotted to allow for adjustment and the A/C belt tightened. 2.0 2.0
05-12-98 0 The transmission will not shift. A 50 amp fuse is blown on the right side firewall. Found a short caused by a broken hood spring. Spring and #10 wire repaired, 50 amp fuse replaced. 4.0 4.0
06-04-98 2762 The transmission will not shift from neutral. The transsmission interlock solenoid is not activating. Found fuse blown. Further trouble shooting found no cause. Fuse replaced. 0.5 0.5
06-18-98 3869 The right side transmission mount is broken and the bushing bolt hole is elongated. The front engine mount bushing is worn. The manufacturer requests warranty work be performed by an International Warranty Dealer. Transmission and engine mount replaced through warranty. 6.0 6.0
06-29-98 4821 The fan shroud fasteners loosened causing the shroud to drop and contact the fan blades breaking the upper left corner of the shroud. Fan baldes not damaged. Broken edges of the shroud removed. Fasteners tightened. 1.5 1.5
07-07-98 6208 The upper radiator hose is chaffing on the A/C compressor bracket. Radiator hose wrapped with rubber. 0.5 0.5
07-13-98 6906 The radiator overflow fitting is broken at the solder joint due to contact with the engine cover. Overflow fitting repaired and the engine cover adjusted away from contact with the fitting. 1.0 1.0
07-07-98 6208 The exhaust pipe bracket located above the rear axle is broken. Installed new exhaust pipe bracket. 0.5 0.5
07-13-98 6906 The exhaust pipe bracket above the rear axle is loose. Bracket fasteners tightened. 0.25 0.25
05-08-98 0 Handicap device will not function. Replaced failed ADA switch on the hand brake. 1.0 1.0
06-18-98 3869 Reference handicap device solenoid reported on 5/26/98. Received a new solenoid and relay board. Relocated board away from interference with the hood cables and brackets. 1.5 1.5