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Champion Bus Inc. submitted a model TB-2242, diesel powered 26 seat/30-foot  bus, for partial STURAA testing in the 12yr/500,000 mile category.  The Federal Transit Administration determined that the following tests would be performed: 3. Safety, 4. Performance, 5.7 Structural Durability and 6. Fuel Economy.  The odometer reading at the time of delivery was 2,776.0 miles.  Testing started on August 26, 1998, and was completed on May 17, 1999.  The Check-In section of the report provides a description of the bus and specifies its major components.

The first segment of the Structural Durability Test was performed with the bus loaded to a GVW of 24,800 lb.  The middle SLW segment was performed at 23,150 lb.  and the final CW segment was performed at 19,280 lb.  Durability driving resulted in unscheduled maintenance that consisted of a variety of subsystem failures.  These breakdowns can be found in a complete and detailed listing of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in this report.

A Safety Test (a double-lane change obstacle avoidance maneuver) was safely performed in both right-hand and left-hand directions up to a maximum test speed of 45 mph.  The performance of the bus is illustrated by a speed vs. time plot.  Acceleration and Gradeability Test data are provided in section 4, Performance.  The average time to obtain 50 mph was 24.38 seconds.

A Fuel Economy Test was run on simulated central business district, arterial, and commuter courses.  The results were 3.99 mpg, 5.05 mpg, and 10.04 mpg respectively; with an overall average of 5.19 mpg.



Number: 9812-P
Manufacturer: CHAMPION BUS INC.
Vin Number: 4UZYN6290WC026719