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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
02-08-99 5052 The right side mirror mounting screws are stripped out. Mounting holes repaired and mirror reinstalled. 1.5 4.5
02-18-99 5978 The left bumper stop on the engine cover is broken. Drilled out the stud and installed new bolt and nut. 0.5 0.5
12-23-98 2171 The brake warning light comes on at random. Brake light switch replaced. 0.5 0.5
01-04-99 2321 Battery charge is low, engine will not crank. Trouble shooting found the voltage regulator and alternator failed. Both ordered. 3.0 3.0
01-07-99 2321 Voltage regulator ordered 1/4/99 arrived. Voltage regulator installed. 72.0 1.0
02-03-99 4240 The brake pedal brake switch failed. Brake switch replaced. 3.0 1.0
01-22-99 2321 Alternator ordered 1/4/99 arrived. Alternator replaced. 360.0 1.0
02-05-99 4717 The brake lights stay on and the brake reserve pump stays on. Readjust brake pedal switch and plunger. 1.0 1.0
12-11-98 453 The bolt is missing from the exhaust pipe clamp at the crossmember behind the rear axle. Bolt and nut replaced. 0.5 0.5
02-08-99 5052 The forward section of the handicap access door will not open. The rivets are stripped out on the bottom guide of the locking rod. Old rivets drilled out and replaced in the guide. 0.5 0.5
12-11-98 453 The left front shock is leaking oil. Replaced the left front shock. 0.5 0.5
12-18-98 1453 The caster shim has fallen out of the right front axle. The center spring bolt is broken on the right front spring and the axle has shifted 1 1/2" to the rear. New bolt installed in the spring and reassembled the spacers, shims and u-bolt. 1.5 1.5
12-21-98 1647 The bottom shim came out of the left front leaf spring. Replaced shim and u-bolt retorqued. 1.5 1.5
12-22-98 1888 The bottom shim came out of the left front leaf spring. Replaced shim and u-bolt retorqued. 1.0 1.0
12-23-98 2171 The front axle u-bolts are loose and the caster shims are working out. Reinstalled shims and torqued u-bolts to 300 ft. lbs. 1.0 1.0