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Economy Pre-Test Inspection


B.L., S.C. and R.H.

Pre Warm-Up

If OK, Initial
Fuel Economy Pre-Test Maintenance Form is complete t
Cold tire pressure (psi): Front 120.0 Rear 120.0 t
Tire Wear t
Engine oil level t
Engine coolant level t
Interior and exterior lights on, evaporator fan on t
Fuel economy instrumentation installed and working properly t
Fuel line -- no leaks or kinks t
Speed measuring system installed on bus. Speed indicator installed in front of bus and accessible to TECH and Driver t
Bus is loaded to SLW t


Bus driven for at least one hour warm-up t
No extensive or black smoke from exhaust t

Post Warm-Up

Warm tire pressure (psi): Front 121.0 Rear 121.0 t
Environmental conditions
  • Average wind speed <12 mph and maximum gusts <15 mph
  • Ambient temperature between 30° (-1°) and 90°F (32°C)
  • Track surface is dry
  • Track is free of extraneous material and clear of interfering traffic