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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
05-25-99 571 The right side rear view mirror was broken upon arrival. New mirror arrived and was installed. 0.5 0.5
07-02-99 4586 The roof seam is separating above the entrance door. Removed hold down straps. Re-drilled holes and installed ten new screws. 3.0 3.0
05-19-99 0 The "Service Engine Soon" light is on. Checked for codes with scanner. Found code PO113 (IAT CKT voltage high). Sensor disconnected, re-connected, code cleared. 1.0 1.0
05-25-99 571 The exhaust pipe has separated. Repaired with a band clamp. 1.0 1.0
06-08-99 2118 The rear exhaust pipe hanger is broken. Hanger welded/repaired and a new hanger added on the tail pipe. 1.0 1.0
06-11-99 2531 The exhaust system is loose. Hangers are broken. Installed universal hangers at the tailpipe, muffler and middle pipe. One hanger welded/repaired. 1.5 1.5
06-24-99 3180 The entire exhaust system is loose, three hangers are broken. Removed the exhaust system from the catalytic convertor back. Installed a 6" extension, replaced three broken hangers and added one free floating hanger near the rear of the system. 6.0 6.0
06-14-99 2720 Three, 2" square tube frame cross members are cracked. Two are left side, forward of the rear axle and one is right side, rear of the rear axle. All cracked cross members welded/repaired. 3.0 3.0