ABC / 3035

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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
10-13-08 317 Manufacturer request rear transverse beam (41.87"wide) be replaced with new beam (42.16" wide) and install Delrin washers. Wider rear transverse beam and Delrin washers installed. 49.0 29.0
10-14-09 317 The left rear air brake delivery hose is damage. Air brake delivery hose replaced. 2.0 1.0
11-13-09 3952 The dash lights are going off and on. Troubleshooting found failed dimmer switch. Parts ordered. 1.0 2.0
11-21-09 4261 Both lower corners of the windshield are coming out of the gasket. Windshield removed and reinstalled with new gasket. 182.0 6.0
12-04-09 4,900 The belt and belt tensioner for the A/C compressor are broken. Belt and tensioner removed and ordered. 24.0 2.0
12-04-09 4900 Test bus shut down on the Durability Track, will not start. Broken electrical terminal in battery box found and repaired. 3.0 5.0
12-09-09 5,326 The instrument panel lights are turning off and on intermittently. Failing headlight switch replaced. 1.0 2.0
12-18-09 5999 The test bus is pulling to the left when decelerating and pulling to the right when accelerating. All right rear suspension hanger bolts are loose. All hanger bolts, nuts and washers replaced at 12 locations on the right rear suspension. 48.0 7.5
01-07-09 7002 The front bumper latch will not stay latched. Readjusted front bumper latches. 3.0 3.0
01-09-09 7114 The A/C belt tensioner failed. Replaced A/C belt tensioner failed. 38.0 1.0
01-09-09 7114 Troubleshooting non-functioning heating/air conditioning system. Repaired broken wire from the +12V power stud to the module "G" circuit breaker. 1.5 3.0
01-13-09 7540 The front tires are worn. Replaced front tires. 1.0 2.0
02-10-09 12,478 The A/C drive belt is worn and frayed. A/C drive belt replaced. 74.0 3.5
02-10-09 12,478 The right side head lamp is burned out. Right side head lamp relaced. 0.25 0.5
02-18-09 14,087 All four rear tires are wond. All four rear tires replaced. 2.0 8.0
02-18-09 14,087 The park brake signal valve is leaking air when the bus is shut down. Park brake signal valve replaced. 2.0 0.5