PC 50500

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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
12-08-09 2177 Test bus was taken to warranty dealer No problem was found. 294.0 8.0
11-12-09 1191 The battery tray is loose. Replaced missing tray latch pins with machine screws. 2.0 1.0
12-10-09 2271 The air system will not build pressure. Replaced pressure hose from the compressor to the air dryer that chaffed on the cab floor structure. 24.0 2.0
01-28-10 5032 Two air tank straps are broken on the outer tank located under the driver's step well and one strap is damaged on the inside tank. Replaced all three air tank straps. 26.0 5.0
02-17-10 7212 Intermittent " ABS", "Trac Control" and "Hybrid Fault" lights are on. Troubleshooting found 20 fault codes using manufacturer's dashboard diagnostics. Codes forwarded to manufacturer. Issue pending manufacturer's direction. 2.0 4.0
02-18-10 7212 The third passenger window on the right side is broken. Replaced window. 1.0 3.0
03-09-10 7212 The "Hybrid Fault", "ABS" and "Traction Control" lights are on. Work performed by warranty dealer; troubleshoot, found faulty ABS ECU. Replaced ABS ECU. 360.0 4.0
04-05-10 7434 The "ABS" and "Hybrid" warning lights are coming on intermittently. Warranty dealer repaired shorted left rear ABS wire. 280.0 2.0
04-07-10 7897 The second passenger window on the left side is broken. Replaced broken window. 1.5 3.0
04-09-10 8372 Both batteries are excessively wet. Replaced both batteries. 1.0 2.0