Azure Dynamics Inc. Balance Hybride E-450 With Senator Body


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
04-28-08 619 The engine is overheating. Replaced thermostat at manufacturer's request. 25.0 2.0
05-08-08 762 The rear exhaust hanger is broken. Replaced rear exhaust hanger. 0.5 0.5
05-08-08 762 One battery pack outrigger bolt is broken. Replaced all three outrigger bolts. 1.0 1.0
05-15-08 972 The speed sensor is not functioning. Manufactuerer's rep replaced speed sensor wiring harness. 100.0 1.0
06-11-08 1705 The mounting bracket for the DC/DC converter is broken. Manufacturer's rep replaced the DC/DC converter and the battery. 5.0 3.0
06-19-08 2004 Engine won't crank. Battery voltage is low. Charged battery. Cleaned battery disconnect and terminals. Sealed terminals. 8.0 1.0
06-24-08 2244 Fuses F24 and F25 for the hybrid assist have blown. Manufacturer's rep replaced fuses. 2.0 0.5
06-26-08 2841 The mounting brackets for the DC/DC converter are broken. Manufacturer's rep replaced DC/DC converter. 4.0 1.0
07-09-08 3332 The welded mounting tabs for the DC/DC converter have broken. Manufacturer's rep removed high voltage battery pack, removed high votage battery outriggers, dropped the dmoc inverter assembly and removed outriggers. Drilled frame and prepared for new outriggers and replaced dmoc/battery assembly. 152.0 8.0
07-14-08 3580 The right front tire is flat. Replaced right front tire. 0.5 1.0
08-04-08 5252 The left front tire is worn. Replaced left front tire. 0.5 1.0
08-25-08 6576 The forward most left side drive motor support is broken. Replaced broken drive motor support. 10.0 5.0