Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
07-23-08 611 Rear suspension and rear torque bolts are loose. Torqued rear suspension and torqued arm bolts. 6.0 2.0
07-28-08 874 The rear suspension arm bolts are loose. Manufacturer requests bolts and nut be replaced and torque reduced from 800 ft/lbs. 15.0 5.0
07-31-08 1226 The rear suspension arm bolts are loose. Manufacturer requests installation of flat washers on the bolt heads and installation of lock washers. 10.0 5.0
08-05-08 1355 The right front tire side wall is cut. Replaced right front tire. 2.0 1.0
08-26-08 2964 The valve block to the hydraulic fan drive is leaking hydraulic fluid. Replaced failed O-ring in the valve block. 2.0 1.0
09-02-08 3487 The rear suspension bushings are worn. Removed rear axle assembly. Replaced 8 rear suspension bushings and reinstalled axle. 30.0 16.0
09-08-09 3718 The transverse beam is broken below the left rear air spring pedestal and both rear air bags and the right rear shock are damaged. Removed rear axle. Disassembled the suspension plates and transverse beam. Replaced transverse beam. Replaced both rear air bags and the right rear shock. Installed alignment bosses and rear axle. 72.0 31.0
09-15-08 3981 The rear suspension pivot bolt, left side, is hitting the spring brake. Cut off approximately 1" from pivot bolt. Torqued rear beam bolts 3.0 1.5
09-17-08 4439 The right rear outside tire is flat. Plugged right rear outside tire. 1.0 0.5
09-18-08 4671 The air dryer has failed. Replaced air dryer. 2.0 1.0
09-30-08 6651 The right rear frame rail is cracked forward of the rear axle above the brake cannister. The wheel well frame structure is cracked in the forward area of the left front wheel well and forward area of the right rear wheel well. Cleaned, welded and repaired frame rail and wheel well fram cracks. 4.5 1.5
09-30-08 6651 Manufacturer requests strained-gauged rear transverse rod and 2 rear radius rods be installed for data collection. Removed rear axle. Replaced rear transverse rod and both rear radius rods with strain-gauged components. Installed rear axle. 31.5 6.0
10-21-08 6972 The left side rear axle bracket is broken off. Removed rear axle, transferred the suspension blades and transverse beam to new replacement axle. Replaced Delrin washers. Installed new axle. 51.0 18.0
11-14-08 10127 The busings are worn on all four upper control arms on the front suspension. Replaced all four front upper control arms. 4.0 2.0
11-14-08 10127 Both front tires are worn. Replaced both front tires. 2.0 1.0
11-14-08 10127 The right rear shock is broken and has damaged the right rear inside tire. Replaced right rear shock and right rear inside tire. 2.0 1.0
11-20-08 11131 The right side low beam lamp is burned out. Replaced lamp. 1.0 0.5
11-20-08 11131 The right rear brake cam shaft bracket is broken at the axle housing. Welded/repaired bracket. 1.0 1.0
12-03-08 11552 The parking brakes will not release. Replaced failed brake release valve. 0.5 0.5
12-03-08 11552 Dash air guage is fluctuating and setting off "Low air" alarm. Manufacturer requests instrument panel wiring be replaced. Replaced wiring but now the primary air gauge is inoperative, the secondary gauge is intermittent and the brake warning light and buzzer is sounding. Initial wiring reinstalled, no problem exists. 4.0 2.0
12-16-08 14274 The engine compartment door support is braken on the right side. Welded/repaired support. 1.0 0.5