Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
12-02-09 6555 The left front shock is leaking oil. Left front shock replaced. 10.0 1.0
09-08-09 522 The driver's seat is interfering with the Hybrid/Conventional Switch and disabling the Hybrid mode. Relocated Hybrid/Conventional Switch. 0.5 77.0
09-28-09 2097 The bus will not kneel. Troubleshooting found "kneel" module failed. Replaced kneel module. 4.0 2.0
09-28-09 2097 The bus will not kneel. Troubleshooting found "kneel" module failed. Replaced kneel module. 4.0 2.0
10-07-09 3121 The left forward air bag on the front axle is leaking by the lower attaching bolt. Replaced left forward air bag on the front axle. 8.0 3.0
10-20-09 3627 Manufacturer requests all shocks be replaced. Replaced both front and all four rear shocks. 1.5 3.0
10-20-09 3627 Front axle; the left and right airbags are splitting near the bottom plate. Both air bags replaced and exterior front axle bump stops replaced. 1.0 2.0
10-21-09 3627 Manufacturer reinforced the front end cap for windshield installation. Both lower corners of the windshield opening are cracked. Manufacturer installed one angle bracket and two gussets to the front end cap. Manufacturer repaired cracks in fiberglass windshield opening. Windshield removal and replacement. 240.0 20.0
10-27-09 3878 The left front axle, rear air bag is leaking by the bottom mount insert. Replaced left front axle air bag. 12.0 2.0
11-09-09 4213 Manufacturer requested the front air bags, shocks and airbag spacers be replaced. Four front air bags with 1/4" thicker spacers installed and front shocks replaced and set to "firm." 120.0 6.0
11-17-09 5404 Manufacturer requests 1/2" taller front air bags be installed with an addional 1/2" spacer plate. Taller air bags and plates installed. 10.0 10.0
12-10-09 7849 Front axle; the left rear air bag is broken near the bottom attaching bolt. Front axle, left rear air bag replaced. 10.0 2.0
01-04-10 9618 Manufacturer requests 1/2" plates be installed under all four front air bags and front shocks be replaced. All four front air bags replaced and 1/2" plates installed under each. Both front shocks replaced. 312.0 5.0
01-21-10 12941 The A/C belt is failing (splitting). A/C belt replaced. 6.0 2.0
01-21-10 12941 The attaching screws are missing on the overhead electrical panel at the front access door. Attaching screws replaced. (Limited access). 1.0 2.0
01-27-10 13723 The windshield gasket is cut at the lower right side radius. Windshield is loose. Failed gasket replaced. 40.0 4.0
01-29-10 14126 The 1/4" air line to the governor has a pin hole and is leaking. Replaced 1/4" air line to governor. 2.0 2.0