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Servicing, Preventive Maintenance, and Repair and Maintenance During Testing

Test Objective

The objective of this test is to collect maintenance data about the servicing, preventative maintenance, and repair.

Test Description

The test will be conducted by operating the NBM and collecting the following data on work order forms and a drivers log.

1.  Unscheduled Maintenance

     a.  Bus number

     b.  Date

     c.  Mileage

     d.  Description of malfunction

     e.  Location of malfunction (e.g., in service or                  undergoing inspection)

     f.  Repair action and parts used

     g.  Man-hours required

2.  Scheduled Maintenance

     a.  Bus number

     b.  Date

     c.  Mileage

     d. Engine running time (if available)

     e. Results of scheduled inspections

     f.  Description of malfunction (if any)

     g.  Repair action and parts used (if any)

     h.  Man-hours required

The buses will be operated in accelerated durability service.  While typical items are given below, the specific schedule will be that specified by the manufacturer.

A. Service

    1.  Fueling

    2.  Consumable checks

    3.  Interior cleaning

B.  Preventative Maintenance

    4.  Brake adjustments

    5.  Lubrication

    6.  3,000 mi (or equivalent) inspection

    7.  Oil and Filter change inspection

    8.  Major inspection

    9.  Tune-up

C. Periodic Repairs

    1.  Brake reline

    2.  Transmission change

    3.  Engine change

    4.  Windshield wiper motor change

    5.  Stoplight bulb change

    6.  Towing operations

    7.  Hoisting operations


Servicing and perventative maintenance were performed at manufacturer-specified intervals.  The following Scheduled Maintenance Form lists the mileage, items serviced, the service interval, and the amount of time required to perform the maintenance.  Table 1 is a list of the lubricating products used in serviceing.  Finally, the Unscheduled Maintenance-related photographs is included in Section 5.7, Structural Durability.  This list supplies information related to failures that occurred during the durability portion of testing.  The Unscheduled Maintenance List includes the date and mileage at which the malfunction occurred, a description of the malfunction and reapir, and the time required to perform the repair.