Orion VII EPA10

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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
07-15-10 4889 Trouble-shoot "Check Engine" light. Codes: P97 SRC0 FMI 3, P3226 SRC0 FMI 4, and P5031 SRC0 FMI 10 Assisted Cummins Motors Representative to remove engine codes and replaced Nox Gas sensor at the exhaust. 78.0 4.0
07-19-10 5334 The left tire is worn. Replaced both front tires. 1.0 2.0
08-03-10 7418 The bushings are worn on the front upper radius rods. Replaced both front upper radius rods. 5.0 4.0
08-05-10 7916 Both front shocks are leaking oil. Replaced both front shocks. 4.0 2.0
09-08-10 11046 Due to moisture, manufacturer requests the nox sensor be relocated 180° from original location. Relocated sensor 180° from original location. 8.0 5.0
09-14-10 11465 The test bus is disabled on the Durability Track. Will not go into gear and the brakes will not release. Found handicap ramp stow proximity switch mounting bracket bent. Straightened bracket. Adjusted stow proximity switch. Replaced missing bolt on the ramp lock. Adjusted ramp closure. 8.0 4.0
09-20-10 12425 The auxiliary heater is leaking coolant. Replaced Auxiliary heater and topped off coolant. Coach heating system verified. 4.0 4.0