2010 CNG Hybrid-SOM236


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
07-21-10 517 The bus will not switch to "hybrid" mode, "hybrid off" light is flashing. Manufacturer's rep found and repaired two bare wires in the harness to the battery pack. 59.0 2.0
08-17-10 3006 The rear axle track bar bracket (structure side) is broken at the attaching weld. The broken bracket has cut the right rear air bag. Disconnected bus electrical for welding repairs. Repaired/welded track bar bracket. Replaced right rear air bag. Reassembled suspension. 20.0 8.0
08-23-10 3204 The frame is cracking, both sides above the rear axle and at the first crossmember rear of the axle. Prepped frame and crossmember for welding. Welded/repaired frame and crossmember. 8.0 16.0
08-23-10 3204 The right rear embergency brake cable is damaged from the track bar mount failure on 8/17/10 Replaced right rear emergency brack cable 125.0 2.0
08-24-10 3204 The battery tray is broken at the attaching bolt to the inner fender. Replaced battery tray. 1.0 1.0
08-24-10 3204 The ride height air module failed and the bus bottomed out on the test track damaging the VTM mount and the right front frame bracket and isolator. Replace air module. Replaced VTM mount and frame bracket and isolator. 1.0 2.0
09-16-10 3261 The "Malfunction"indicator lamp is on. Troubleshooting camshaft sensor/actuator circuit (checked for shorts and poor connections.) No problem found. 24.0 6.0
09-17-10 3261 The "Malfunction"indicator lamp is on. The oil pressure gauge is reading 0 psi and the "Low Oil" light is on. "Check Engine" flag is on. ARBOC requests test bus be towed to Sutliff Auto for warranty repair. Warranty dearler found OEM wiring harness pinched between the frame rail and corssmember causing the PCM to derate and go to 5 volt positive ground. GM mechanic removed damaged wire and repaired with shrink tube. Harness relocated away from pinch point. 384.0 24.0
09-22-10 3751 Coolant is leaking under the bus in the passenger seating area. Replaced/rerouted the leaking coolant hose between the controller and the electric drive motor. Damage due to contact with frame. 20.0 2.0
09-23-10 3764 The front grille and parking lights are loose. Replaced missing fasteners. 0.5 1.0
09-23-10 3764 The battery tray is loose. Replaced missing bolts. 0.5 1.0
09-24-10 3764 The "Check Engine" light is on. Bus taken to warranty dealer at manufacturer's request. Warranty dealer found code P0010 (camshaft position actuator). Intake/left/front bank 1-circuit malfuction. Warranty dealer cleared code. 72.0 8.0
09-30-10 3943 The "Check Engine" light is on Troubleshoot codes using Genisys tool. Found code P0641. Cleared code. No problem present. 24.0 1.0
10-04-10 4120 The right front and right rear inside tires are worn. Two new tires mounted on front axle. Rotate left front tire to right rear inside. 1.0 2.0
10-13-10 4373 "Check Engine" light is on. They hybrid system is inoperative. Assist reps from PCI and ARBOC troubleshooting wiring harness. 152.0 3.0
10-15-10 4373 The Hybrid System will not disengage when driving on the durability track. Replaced hybrid controller. 48.0 3.0
10-18-10 4616 The front bumper mounting brackets are broken. Replaced front bumper mounting brackets. 1.0 1.0
10-19-10 4735 The rear axle differential is leaking oil. Removed differential cover, applied RTV and reinstalled cover. 1.0 2.0
10-26-10 5666 The forward, outer bolt is broken in the left rear air spring casting. Removed broken bolt and installed new bolt. 26.0 7.5
10-26-10 5666 The left side exterior rear-view mirror is broken. Replaced left side exterior rear view mirror. 0.5 0.5
10-29-10 6167 The rear tires are worn. Replaced rear tires. 1.0 2.0
11-04-10 7284 Both front tires are worn. Replaced both front tires. 2.0 1.0