Low Floor


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
06-30-11 1384 The right front shock is leaking oil, and the right rear lower shock bushing is missing. Replaced right front and right rear shocks. 4.0 2.0
07-07-11 1463 The manufacturerer's rep requests the lower, rear shock spacers be replaced. Replaced rear lower shock spacers. 118.0 1.0
07-12-11 1722 The left front shock is leaking oil. Replaced left front shock. 16.0 1.0
08-03-11 3785 The traverse bar in the rear, lower control arm assembly is cracked. The track rod and bracket are cracked. Removed rear lower control arm assembly. Replaced new lower control arm assembly, track rod and mounting bracket. 187.0 24.0
08-05-11 4146 Manufacturer requests both front shocks be replaced. Replaced both front shocks. 1.0 2.0
08-08-11 4379 The front shocks are leaking oil and the right front shock is missing the lower shock bushing. Replaced both front shocks and bushings. 2.0 2.0
08-15-11 4730 The charging system is not charging Troubleshoot charging system, wiring and connections. Check I/O system operation and voltae regulator. Replaced alternator. 77.0 6.0
08-24-11 5451 The "ABS" light is on. The left rear sensor wire is cut. Replaced left rear sensor. 1.0 1.5
08-25-11 5451 The eye bushing is worn in the rear axle lateral bar. Removed rear axle to replace rear axle lateral bar with strain gauged lateral bar. Installed rear axle and rear lateral bar. 120.0 13.0
08-25-11 5451 The left rear brake chamber/S-cam bracket is broken. Replaced brake chamber and bracket. 14.0 10.0
09-14-11 6614 The eye bushing is out on the rear axle lateral bar Replaced rear lateral bar. 184.0 4.5
09-02-11 6614 The right rear brake chamber/S-cam braket is broken. Replaced brake chamber and bracket. 10.0 3.0
09-15-11 6749 The manufacturer requests information on the alternator build tag. Removed rear seat to gain access to alternator. Information acquired and replaced seat. 4.0 2.0
09-29-11 7802 The left rear suspension beam eye bolt will not maintain torque and the alignment accentric washers are moving out of alignment. Replaced eye bolt washers and lock nut. Realigned accentric washers and torque to 600 ft/lbs. 26.0 2.0
10-03-11 8074 The air tank bracket is broken near the air dryer. Removed tank and bracket. Welded/repaired bracket. Replaced broken drain fitting in tank. Reinstalled tank and bracket. 20.0 3.0
11-09-11 11291 The upper bracket bolts are broken on the front entrance door support. Removed privacy panel, bracket cover and door support to replace broken bolts. 4.0 4.5
11-17-11 12351 Four bolts are broken on the front door support bracket. Removed broken bolts and installed new nuts and bolts. 1.5 1.5
11-29-11 13877 Three bolts are broken on the front door support bracket. Replaced three broken bolts. 4.0 2.0