Defender/Challenger/American Coach F-550 CNG


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
07-24-12 608 Engine will not crank. Trouble shotting electrical circuit found an open circuit in the rear door. Rear door circuit disabled. 24.0 8.0
07-31-12 1297 The 3rd window, left side broken. Replaced 3rd window, left side. 8.0 2.0
08-01-12 1360 The "Traction Control" light is on and the "Maintenance Wrench" light is on. Check for codes, found P0720. Checked O.S.S. sensor circuit (output speed sensor.) Found and repaired broken wire at the sensor connection. 12.0 2.0
1784 Numerous CNG tank mounting brackets are cracking. All CNG tank mounting brackets replaced and new end caps welded to mounting brackets. 424.0 20.0
11-01-12 3747 The test bus is disabled on the Durability Test Track. Trouble shooting found a broken cable end of the batter shut off in the battery compartment. Broken cable end repaired. 8.0 2.0
11-07-12 4330 Two passenger windows, one left side, one right side, both above the rear axle are broken. Replaced both broken passenger windows. 8.0 3.0
11-12-12 4629 There are two frame cracks (left side behind driver) in the frame structure connecting the interface between the OEM cab and the bus body. Also there are numerous (approx. 20) fastners missing or loose in the roof body seam strip cap at the body/OEM interface. Repaired/welded frame cracks. Fastners replaced in roof body seam strip cap. 20.0 5.0
06-25-12 261 Poor engine performance; loss of throttle, engine running rough and "Check Engine" light is on. Manufacturer requests replacement of throttle position senor, throttle plate assembly and throttle pedal. All replaced. Removed catalytic convertor and inspected. Catalyst is damaged. New catalytic convertor ordered. 7.0 14.0
06-25-12 261 Received catalytic convertor. New catalytic convertor installed. 1.0 2.0
06-26-12 261 Engine running rough. Manufacturer rep requests the CNG fuel line from regulator to the rail be rerouted and fuel filter replaced. Also installed additional ground strap from engine to frame. 8.0 16.0
07-16-12 261 Engine stumbles, rough idle, stalls, poor drivability. "Check Engine" light is on. System reprogrammed using the "Ford CAN" vehicle delievery device. 664.0 2.0
07-17-12 261 Loss of throttle. Intermittent "Check Engine" light. Bus taken to warranty dealer. 32.0 32.0
2789 The left side frame rail is cracked just rear of the rear axle. Cracked V'ed out and welded/repaired. Weld inside and outside manufacturer supplied plate to the repaired area. Replaced 2 damaged body mounts, right side. 48.0 34.0