Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
04-13-12 176 The bus will not start, no fuel pressure, fuel tanks are empty. Found numerous fittings loose at the rear fuel tanks. Fittings tightened. System refueled and leak tested. 12.0 15.0
04-18-12 774 Three wires to the floor heater are shorted to the frame above the left, forward fuel tank. Damaged wires repaired. 2.0 2.0
04-27-12 2621 The A/C condenser roof strap mount is broken. Replaced roof strap mount. 2.0 2.0
05-07-12 3546 Air conditioning inoperative. Troubleshooting found a blown fuse. Cause not found, replaced fuse. 10.0 4.0
04-30-12 2892 The right front air bag is leaking air and the left front air bag is worn. Replaced both front air bags. 6.0 3.0
05-11-12 3893 The right side emergency window, second from passenger door fell out. Replaced emergency window. 72.0 2.0
05-17-12 3893 The right front and left rear CNG fuel tank support brackets are cracked. Removed right front and left rear CNG fuel tanks. Welded/repaired cracked support brackets. Reinstalled fuel tanks. 48.0 16.0
05-22-12 3893 The cross-member rear of the rear axle is broken at the left side frame interface and the right side body mount is broken. Cross-member and body mount welded/repaired. 48.0 6.0
05-30-12 4442 The right rear bumper mounting bracket is broken. Welded/repaired right rear bumper mounting bracket. 1.5 1.5
05-30-12 4442 The exhaust pipe is broken aft of the catalytic convertor. Welded/repaired exhaust pipe. 2.0 2.0
05-30-12 4442 The vent line on the right side, forward fuel tank is broken. Trimmed and reinstalled broken end of line. 4.0 2.0
06-01-12 4896 The fitting on the air tank pressure regulator is broken. Replaced fitting. 6.0 2.0
06-04-12 5013 The air tank-to-pressure regulator fitting is broken. The pressure regulator is also leaking at the pressure adjustment hand screw. Replaced pressure regulator and fitting 10.0 4.0
06-13-12 5853 The hydraulic brake line rear of the rear axle is pinched and leaking. Replaced brake line. 12.0 4.0
06-19-12 6502 The fender/body structure above the right front wheel is cracked and broken. Plated and welded/repaired cracked fender body structure above the right front wheel. Refastened metal work. 20.0 8.0
06-19-12 6502 All six tires are worn. Replaced all six tires. 3.0 6.0
06-13-12 5853 The left side, forward fuel tank has shifted causing the vent line to break. Re-aligned and secured fuel tank. Replaced vent line. 8.0 4.0