Enhanced Electric


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
06-02-11 403 The front leveling valve failed. Front leveling valve replaced and ride hiehgt adjusted by manufacturer's representative. 20.0 1.0
06-06-11 821 The Front leveling valve failed. Manufacturer's representative replaced the front leveling valve. 1.0 1.0
08-09-11 7297 Capstone rep troubleshooting failure of turbine to ignite. Capstone rep replaced failed electronic igniter. 8.0 2.0
08-09-11 7297 The ECM mount isolators are worn. Capstone Rep replaced ECM isolators. 1.0 1.0
08-11-11 7830 The driver's overhead compartment door is falling down. Fastners replaced in driver's overhead compartment 2.0 2.0
08-12-11 8063 The 24 V service inverter has broken away from the mounting panel. Capstone rep remounted the service inverter. 3.0 1.0
06-06-11 821 THe combiner plug is leaking transmission fluid. Plug and fluid removed. Plug o-ring replaced and Teflon pipe dope applied. Plug and fluid replaced. 1.0 2.0
06-07-11 939 Manufacturer requests all three leveling valves be replaced with Wabco leveling valves. Manufacturer's representative replaced all three leveling valves with Wabco brand valves. Ride height adjusted up 10mm. Representative also added an in-line pressure regulator. 6.0 2.0
06-09-11 1410 Bus not maintaining front ride height. Manufacturer's rep replaced the front leveling and right front air bag. 3.0 1.0
06-13-11 1857 Red dash "Warning" light is on Code B 11. Manufacturer's representative pulled and inspected all injectors. 6.0 2.0
06-14-11 1860 Manufacturer's representative troubleshooting poor turbine performance. #5 injector replaced 24.0 4.0
06-15-11 1860 Manurfacturer's representative troubleshooting poor turbine performance. "Ambient Climate Module" replaced. 12.0 6.0
06-24-11 3221 The right front jacking pad mouting plate is contacting the high voltage cable. Both front jacking pads and moutings plates removed from the front axle. 8.0 1.0
06-24-11 3221 The front suspension will not maintain proper ride height. Replaced the failed left front air bag and bump stop. 6.0 1.0
06-30-11 3836 The controller will not power up. Capstone Tech troubleshooting found broken cooling fan housing. Weld/repair fan bracket. Cooling fan replaced. 10.0 2.0
07-12-11 4867 Designline Tech Serive Bulletin upgrade the air dryer control. Manufacturer's representative removed air dryer control card and wire air dryer to be controlled by the Muliplex system. 4.0 1.5
07-01-11 3998 The right rear outside tire is low. Tire plugged. 2.0 2.0
07-12-11 4867 The right height on the right side is low. THe right rear leveling valve upper link is worn. Right rear, upper leveling valve link replaced. 0.25 0.5
07-12-11 4867 The left front, lower shock washer is worn (concaved). Replaced the left front, lower shock washer 0.25 0.5
07-12-11 4867 The right rear, outside tire is leaking. Installed plug in leak. 0.5 1.0
07-13-11 5104 Air anicster on the air dryer fell off. Manufacturer's representative reinstalled air canister on the air dryer. 6.0 1.0
07-18-11 5567 The plastic filler plug on the combiner melted and fell out. Plastic replaced with 3/4" brass pipe plug. Added two quarts of transmission fluid. 16.0 1.0
07-26-11 6542 THe following warning lights are on: "Stop as Soon as Possible," Turbine Off Line," and "Minor and Critical Faults." Capstone technician troubleshooting. Repaired one circuit board in the controller unit. 24.0 8.0
07-29-11 6856 The following warning lights are on: "Stop as Soon as Possible," Turbine Off Line," and "Minor and Critical Faults." Capstone technician Troubleshooting. No problem found at this time. 8.0 8.0
08-01-11 6868 Capstone reps troubleshooting 9006 fault. Capstone replaced ECM assembly. 16.0 8.0
08-05-11 7146 The right side exterior rear-view mirror is broken. Designline tech replaced right side exterior rear view-mirror. 1.0 1.0
08-08-11 7289 The forward side of the fuel tank has dropped. Bolt came out of the fuel tank rail. Fuel tank positioned and bolts replaced in fuel tank rail. 24.0 3.0
08-18-11 8661 The suproession system dishcarged. Manfacturer's rep troubleshooting: manufacturer inspected all linear "fire" wire and spot thermostat detectors (425° F trigger point). No cause was found and the system indicated no latched faults. After through clean-up, rep re-assembled turbine electronics and the turbine was test started. Rep noted air escaping in the compartment from the inaccessible side of the turbine (towards the front of the vehicle). The air intake and compartment divider wall were removed to locate the source. Rep found turbine "Dump Valve" support bracket cracked along the whole length of the fold in the metal. The dump valve dropped allowing the hose and pipe to work loose and release pressurized compressor gas (approx. 500° F) into the turbine enclosure. Rep determined this hot gas most likelt set the fire in supression system. Bracket repaired and lines secured. Fire supression bottle recharged and system reset. 53.0 12.0
08-23-11 8897 The test bus is disabled on the Durability Track. The brakes will not release and there is no throttle. The rear door header in broken and the micro-switches are broken. Door panels removed and over rode micro-switches. Test bus moved to garage for repairs. 2.0 6.0
08-30-11 8897 The rear door (Vapor) control module failed. Manufacturer's rep replaced the rear door control modeule. 0.5 0.5
08-30-11 8897 Overridden door micro-switches from previos day. Rear doors properly adjusted and overridden door micro switches returned to proper wiring. 1.0 2.0
09-01-11 9288 The left front air bag is leaking air. Left front ait bag replaced. 2.0 1.0
09-07-11 9485 The hoose anti-vibration bracket in the turbine compartment is broken. New anti-vibration bracket installed. 12.0 2.0
09-12-11 9725 The combiner is making noise. COmbiner drain plug removed. Oil dirty and drain plug magnet covered with metal shavings. Found pieces of bearing in oil. New combiner ordered. 2.0 2.0
09-20-11 9725 Combiner ordered on 9-12-11 arrived. Failed combiner removed. Both electric motors removed for installation of combiner. Combiner and electric motor installed. 142.0 23.0
09-21-11 9891 The left front shock is leaking oil. Left front shock replaced. 1.0 1.0
09-28-11 10747 Bus showing "Turbine Fault" Manufacturer's rep repaired the air hose at the turbine and repaired a broken wire at the ambient air temperature sensor connector. 4.0 4.0
09-29-11 10747 Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting the fire supression system for faulty sensor. Located and repaired open circuit in theturbine compartment. 2.0 2.0
09-30-11 10949 The front heater is inoperative. Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting: front heater located and repaired broken heater box brackets and replaced heater coils. 8.0 2.0
10-10-11 11546 Trouble shoot fuel leak. Found tank vent leaking when tank is full. Installed extended vent line and welded/repaired fuel tank cradle. 7.0 2.0
10-12-11 11929 All six tires are worn. Balanced pre-mounted tire and replaced six worn tires on bus. 2.0 4.0
10-14-11 12011 Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting for intermittent fault light in ground circuit. No cause found at this time. 12.0 8.0
10-20-11 12680 The two rear, right side traction motor mounting bolts are loose. Two rear, right side traction motor mounting bolts torgue and marked. 0.5 1.0
10-20-11 12680 Right front shock: the lower washer is missing. Washer replaced. 0.5 1.0
10-20-11 12680 The right front ait bag is leaking. Right front air bag replaced. 0.5 1.0
10-20-11 12680 One right side 760 volt battery cooling fan failed. Cooling fan replaced 0.5 1.0
10-24-11 13087 Front heater is not functioning. Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting found 3 pin connector not making contact. Rep repaired 3 pin connector. 8.0 3.0
11-01-11 13530 The ECM has a broken wire on the power feed plug to the PPM module. Manfacturer's rep replaced feed plug. 56.0 2.0
11-02-11 13530 Engine start air system pressures at 5 psi, pressure should be 12 to 13 psi. Manufacturer's rep adjusted pressure regulator. 8.0 3.0
11-09-11 14218 THe combiner seal is leaking transmission fluid. Traction motors removed to access combiner seal. Repair pending parts. 48.0 5.0
11-15-11 14221 Recieved combiner seal. Installed combiner seal. Replaced combiner and left side traction motor. 96.0 6.0
11-18-11 14224 The speedometer/odometer is inaccurate. Driveshaft speedometer pick up replaced. 1.0 1.0
11-21-11 14252 Combiner oil is overheating and pouring out the vent. Manufacturer's rep installed vent tube in the combiner vent tube and routed the rear top side of combiner. 48.0 8.0
03-20-12 14252 The combiner oil is overheating. Manufactuer designed and installed a cooling/circulating unit to the combiner. 2664.0 12.0