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Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
01-31-12 479 The "Check Engine" light is on. Scanned for codes and found code #3227. Repaired tow broken wires at the downstream oxygen sensor. Tightened exhaust clamp. 10.0 4.0
02-21-12 2,552 The EGR cooler is leaking. Warranty dealer repaired/replaced EGR cooler. 104.0 3.0
03-07-12 5,259 The catalytic convertor/muffler mounting bracket is broken at the gusset. Replaced mounting bracket. 4.0 2.0
03-12-12 5,819 The wiper control switch failed. Replaced wiper control switch. 4.0 1.0
03-13-13 5,819 The air conditioning discharge line is broken. Removed broken A/C discharge line and evaporator. Fabricated gussets and riveted to the upright in the AC compartment. Cut out the decking in the A/C compartment to accommodate the new evaporator mounts. Installed new A/C evaporator. Thermo King rep evacuated, charged and leak-tested the system. 240.0 24.0
03-28-12 6843 Reported exhaust leak Found loose connection at the muddle inlet. Realighned exhaust pipe and repositioned and torqued clamo. 12.0 2.0
04-03-12 7633 Back-up lights and bakc-uip alarm are actived when in the "night run" mode. Troubleshooting found numerous heat-damaged wires at the left side engine compartment near the exhuast system. Repaired heat-damaged wire. 9.0 6.0
04-05-12 7956 The left front tire is flat. Replaced left front tire. 12.0 1.0
04-11-12 8138 The wiring harness by the muffler is damaged from heat and the exhaust isolator is broken. Replaced damaged wiring harness and broke isolator. 79.0 2.0
04-11-12 8138 The muffler has and exhaust leak due to contact with the muffler clamp bolt. Wedled/repaired exhuast leak. 1.0 1.0
04-16-12 8844 The left front air bag isleaking air. Replaced left front airbag. 4.0 2.0
04-24-12 8899 Both rear upper and both rear lower radius rod brushings are cracked. Replaced both rear upper and both rear lower radius rods. 216.0 8.0
04-24-12 8899 Both front shocks are leaking oil. Replaced both front shocks. 2.0 2.0
04-24-12 8899 Air return grill to be replaced. Replaced air return grill. 4.0 4.0
06-27-12 11199 A/C system has leaked off refrigerant from a leak at the filter/dryer attaching pipes. Warrenty dealer (Thermo King) replaced filter/dryer and attaching pipe. Recharged system. 94.0 8.0
07-06-12 11993 Manufacturer's rep found PRD unit (right side front section) has been installed improperly. Also, the fuel line to the right side, front CNG tank was leaking. Manufacturer's rep made repairs to the fuel line and PRD unit. 63.0 3.0
07-10-12 12179 The welded seam on the engine coolant surge tank is split and leaking. Removed coolant surge tank and ordered new tank. 14.0 14.0
07-12-12 12179 New coolant surge tank ordered on 07-10-12 arrived. Installed new coolant surge tank. 32.0 6.0
07-18-12 12616 The windshield is working out of the rubber gasket. Removed the windshield, replaced the rubber gasket and cleaned.prepped and reinstalled the winshield. 37.0 8.0
07-19-12 12616 The steering dampener failed. Replaced steering dampener 24.0 2.0
07-19-12 12616 Two roof cowling brackets are broken at the right rear. Installed and fabricated two brackets. 4.0 4.0
07-23-12 13005 The right front shock is leaking oil. Replaced broth front shocks. 1.5 3.0
07-23-12 13005 The rear electrical panel is loose. The circuit breaker panel is broken. Welded/repaired the C-channel attached to the electrical panel and installed brackets on the circuit braker panel. 6.0 2.0
07-31-12 14301 The upper hinge on the exhaust compartment door is broken. Removed door. Welded/repaired hinge. Reinstalled door. 1.0 3.0