Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
11-17-14 2900 The ECM failed. Manufacturer's rep replaced ECM. 24.0 1.0
10-23-14 289 Troubleshoot DEF system for Trouble Code 1713. Reroute DEF heater hoses, inlet and outlet lines were reversed. 16.0 4.0
11-04-14 1281 Right side tag axle; the bolt came out of the air bag piston. The loose piston caused damage to the leveling valve and leveling valve mount. Leveling valve mount repaired. Replaced leveling valve, air bag and piston. 6.0 6.0
12-04-14 4869 The front sway bar bushings are worn. Front sway bar bushings replaced. 3.0 3.0
12-04-14 4869 The steering gear accumulator bracket is broken. Steering gear accumulator bracket welded/repaired. 32.0 3.0
12-04-14 4869 The isolators on the DPF exhaust hangers are worn. All 8 isolators replaced. 3.0 3.0
12-04-14 4869 The transmission fluid line at the retarder is leaking fluid. Transmission fluid line replaced. 2.0 2.0
12-09-14 6120 The right front sway bar bushings are worn. Right front sway bar bushings replaced. 2.0 2.0
12-10-14 6312 The left front air bag is leaking. Manufacturer's rep replaced the left front air bag. 1.0 1.0
12-10-14 6312 Check for fluid leak in the tag axle area. Found a crack in the hydraulic hose connection port on the tag axle centering cylinder. Replaced centering cylinder, bled air from lines and topped off fluid. 16.0 4.0
12-17-14 7399 The front sway bar link bushings are worn. Front sway bar link bushings replaced. 2.0 2.0
12-17-14 7399 The tag axle hydraulic sterring system has air in lines. Air bled from tag axle hydraulic steering system. 6.0 2.0
01-05-15 8518 Handicap ramp will not stow. Troubleshooting. Partially dismantled handicap ramp to get stowed. Bus moved to shop. Handicap device inoperative. 208.0 9.0
01-07-15 8756 Both front air bags are scuffing the shocks and leveling valve arms. Manufacturer requested one of two washers be removed from the top and bottom bolts on the radius rods directly under the front air bag mounting plates (both left and right). Radius rod replaced. 4.0 4.0
01-07-15 8756 Bushings are worn on the radius rod; inside drive axle wheel well above axle. Radius rod replaced. 4.0 4.0
01-07-15 8756 The air pressure sensor switch is leaking on the left rear air tank forward of the drive axle. Air pressure sensor replaced. 2.0 2.0
01-07-15 8756 The front passenger door has dropped and is rubbing on the floor. Door adjusted up to proper height. 56.0 2.0
01-08-15 8756 The front sway bar bushings are worn. Front sway bar bushings replaced. 4.0 4.0
01-08-15 8756 Four exhaust mount bushings are worn. Four exhaust mount bushings replaced. 8.0 8.0
01-19-15 10231 Four mounting tabs are broken on the engine cooling fan box and cage. Four engine cooling fan box and cage mounting tabs welded/repaired. 2.0 2.0
01-19-15 10231 Both front air bags are worn from contact wtih the shocks. Both front air bags replaced. 4.0 4.0
01-20-15 10231 Front sway bar; the two rearmost clamp bolts are broken and the clamp is damaged. Left front sway bar clamp and bolts replaced. 6.0 6.0
01-20-15 10231 Two c-channels beneath the wheelchair ramp have broken welds. Broken welds welded/repaired. 104.0 8.0
02-10-15 10879 The engine cooling fans are inoperative. Fan controller replaced and wires rearranged in the proper sockets for the new controller. 111.0 4.0
02-23-15 10879 The radiator is split and leaking coolant. Assisted manufacturer in replacing radiator. 207.0 3.0
02-25-15 11117 The yellow EBS warning light , the orange triangel warning light and the orange engine symbol light (malfunction indicator) are on. Pad-ware sensor wire pinched. Manufacturer's rep advises ok to run with warning lights on. 0.25 0.25
02-25-15 11117 The lower right front sway bar bushings are worn. Both lower front sway bar bushings replaced. 2.0 2.0
03-12-15 12244 The NOx sensor has failed. Manufacturer's rep trouble shooting. Replaced NOx sensor. 68.0 4.0
03-12-15 12244 Reference warning lights reported on 2/25/15. Manufacturer's rep located and repaired pinched wires in wiring harness. Warning lights are now out and functioning properly. 5.0 5.0
03-13-15 12435 The left tag axle tire is flat. Left tag axle tire replaced. 4.0 2.0
03-16-15 12457 The bushings are worn on the front sway bar. Replaced front sway bar bushings. 2.0 2.0
03-16-15 12457 Bus experiencing erratic engine performance. "Check Engine" light is on. Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting found failed Cam sensor. Cam sensor replaced. 16.0 2.0
03-26-15 13190 The front passenger door is inoperative. Troubleshoot air & electrical circuits: found one wire broken and another damaged at connector PX 05 on the circuit board in the electrical panel. Temporary repair made with butt connectors until new pins arrive. Four of six standoffs were missing on the circuit board causing wires to break. 2.0 2.0
04-02-15 14239 The upper shock mount is broken on the left, forward drive axle shock. Fabricated and installed new shock mount as per manufacturer's specs. 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 14". 34.0 14.0
04-02-15 14239 The right side clamp bolt on the front sway bar is broken, and the front sway bar link bushings are worn. All four front sway bar clamp bolts replaced. Front sway bar link bushings replaced. 4.0 4.0