3400 Liberty


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
03-03-15 655 The left and right side body supports forward of the rear axle are cracked in the radius near the mounting bolts. Both body supports replaced. 268.0 12.0
03-24-15 1649 Both rear out riggers are cracked. Cracks cleaned, prepped and welded/repaired. 94.0 4.0
03-26-15 2038 Rear axle lateral bar mounting bracket; of four bolds one is missing and one is broken. Two bolts replaced on the rear axle lateral bar mounting bracket. 16.0 2.0
04-10-15 2400 The rear track rod mount assembly is broken at the attaching bolts. Track rod mount replaced. 208.0 2.0
04-21-15 3433 The right rear axle U-bolt is broken. Disassemble right rear road spring and shock. Spring bushing is damaged spring bolt hole and locator hole are damaged. Parts ordered. 6.0 6.0
05-05-15 3433 Reference 4/21/15 failure. Parts arrived. Right rear U-bolt replaced spring bushing replaced and suspension reassembled. 326.0 5.0
06-16-15 4747 The left rear, spring eye bolt broke. The axle has shifted to the rear. The right side spring hanger, spring mounting holes are worn oblong. Parts ordered for left & right rear spring hangers. Removed the left and right rear springs, spring hangers and body support mounts for replacement. Parts arrived. Left and right rear spring hangers, body mounts, springs replaced. Both rear shocks and U-bolts replaced. 560.0 30.0