Vicinity 30 Foot


Unscheduled Maintenance

Date Test Miles Service Activity Downtime Hours
11-17-15 652 The rear axle is cracked across the top. Axle components to be removed from axle housing. Assist manufacturer rep install axle components in to new axle housing. Failed rear axle removed. Axle components removed from axle housing. Components installed in to new axle housing. Axle installed in bus. 203.0 57.0
12-21-15 3282 "Check Engine" light is on Issue referred to Warranty Dealer. Warranty dealer trouble shooting "Check Engine" light using Insight. Found after treatment DEF dosing valve malfunction. Performed after treatment DEF dosing unit override test. Over spec. Cleaned injector, re-ran test, still over spec. found clogged decomp tube and cleaned. Replaced after treatment DEF dosing valve. Performed SCR performance test. All pass, system working properly. 48.0 8.0
02-26-16 11065 All cooling fans (6-radiator & 2- air charge cooler) are running constantly at high speed Check all connections and fuse. No codes found from EMP. No cause found. Manufacturer's rep states OK to drive. 4.0 4.0
03-07-16 11860 The engine and charge air cooler fans are constantly running at high speed. Manufacturer's rep troubleshooting found a shorted wire in the circuit wiring harness rear of the exhaust pipe. Wire repaired. 72.0 8.0
03-28-16 14269 The front suspension will not raise. The left front air bag is leaking at the top and bottom. Left front air bag replaced. 4.0 4.0
03-30-16 14269 The after treatment mounding assembly has broken from the two mounting frame verticals. Removed the exhaust after treatment system and coolant surge tank. Surge tank cracked on the top. Prepped areas for welding. Re-welded mounting assembly. Installed new coolant surge tank and replaced after treatment system 104.0 24.0
03-31-16 14269 The 3rd window back, left side of bus has shattered. Window replaced. 3.0 3.0