Starlite Transit

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Economy Summary Sheet

Fuel Type : Gasoline
SP. Gravity : 0.7382
Heating Value : N/A
Standard Conditions : 60 PSI : 14.7 PSI
Density of Air : 8.3373 lb/scf

Cycle Total Fuel Used (Scf) Total Miles Fuel Economy M/Scf (Measured) Fuel Economy M/Lb (Corrected)
There are currently no cycle runs for this bus.

Idle Consumption
First 20 Minutes Data: N/A Last 20 Minutes Data: N/A
Average Idle Consumption: 0.32 Scf/Hr

Run Consistency (% Difference from overall average of total fuel used)
No runs recorded.

Average Idle Consumption : 0.31 LB/Hr
Average CBD Phase Consumption : 9.94 M/Lb
Average Arterial Phase Consumption : 10.03 M/Lb
Average Commuter Phase Consumption : 17.72 M/Lb
Overall Average Fuel Consumption : 11.4 M/lb
Overall Average Fuel Consumption : 95.97 Miles/ Million BTU