Catalyst E2

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 Proterra, Inc. submitted a model Catalyst E2, electric powered 39 seat (including the driver) 42 foot, 7 inch bus, for a partial STURAA test. The Federal Transit Administration determined that the following tests would be performed; 4.1 Performance Test and 6. Fuel Economy Test. This is based on a previously tested 12 year / 500,000 mile bus model bearing report number LTI-BT-R-1406. The odometer reading at the time of delivery was 631.7 miles. Testing started on June 2, 2017 and was completed on July 27, 2017. The Check-In section of the report provides a description of the bus and specifies its major components.



 The interior of the bus is configured with seating for 39 passengers including the driver. Eight seats fold away for 2 wheelchair positions. The manufacturer passenger placard indicates that the test bus can accommodate 42 standing passengers.  At 150 lbs per person, this load results in a measured gross vehicle weight of 43,540 lbs which exceeds the gross vehicle weight rating of 42,000 lbs by 1,540 lbs or approximately 10 people.  At this load, the front gross axle weight rating is also exceeded.  All testing performed under this partial test was performed at a seated load weight of 37,230 lbs.

 The performance of the bus is illustrated by a speed vs. time plot. Acceleration and gradeability test data are provided in Section 4, Performance. The average time to obtain 50 mph was 47.73 seconds. The maximum gradeability at 10 mph was only 8.9%, while the maximum gradeablity at 40 mph was 3.3%. Top speed obtained on the dynamometer was 65.7 mph.


 An Energy Economy and Range Test was run on simulated transit test cycles: Manhattan cycle, Orange County Bus cycle and the Heavy-Duty Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (HD-UDDS). The energy consumption and range for the three test cycles were as follows:

      The driver noticed that the acceleration was not enough to keep up with certain segments of the HD-UDDS driving cycle. This occurred at four time intervals into the cycle, namely 98 seconds-104 seconds, 422 seconds-428 seconds, 561 seconds-567 seconds, and 904 seconds-910 seconds. It is interesting to note that the required acceleration at all these instances was from approximately 29 mph to about 32 mph within 6 seconds.

Number: 1706-P
Model: Catalyst E2
Manufacturer: PROTERRA, INC.
Vin Number: