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New Flyer of America submitted a model D40i, diesel-powered 42 seat (Including the driver) 41-foot bus, for a partial STURAA test in the 12 yr/500,000 mile category.  The Federal Transit Administration determined that the following tests would be performed: 4. Performance, 6. Fuel Economy Test and 7. Interior and Exterior Noise Tests.  Testing started on March 24, 2004 and was completed on May 3, 2004.  The Check-In section of the report provides a description of the bus and specifies its major components.

 The performance of the bus is illustrated by a speed vs. time plot.  Acceleration and gradeability test data are provided in Section 4, Performance.  The average time to obtain 50 mph was 33.73 seconds.

 A Fuel Economy Test was run on simulated central business district, arterial, and commuter courses.  The results were 3.49 mpg, 3.77 mpg, and 7.08 mpg respectively; with an overall average of 4.18 mpg.

 A series of Interior and Exterior Noise Tests was performed.  These data are listed in Section 7.1 and 7.2 respectively.

Number: 0406-P
Model: D40I
Manufacturer: NEW FLYER
Vin Number: 2FYD3LV163U026077