This web site provides information on the Federal Transit Administration's new model bus testing program. The program's goal is to ensure better reliability and in-service performance of transit buses by providing an unbiased and accurate comparison of bus models through the use of an established set of test procedures. To learn more about the program, select a topic from the tabs above. To obtain information on any of the bus models that have been tested under the program, click on the enter the bus database button to the right.

The Vehicle Systems & Safety Program of The Larson Institute at Penn State is responsible for the operation of the bus test center as well as the maintenance of this web site.

• New Test Requirements

 Effective October 1, 2012, MAP21 mandates the implementation of a Pass-Fail requirement for bus testing. The FTA is developing a framework for this regulation and is expected to issue a NPRM in the near future.

• Steering Committee Meeting

The bus testing program held a Steering Committee meeting in March of 2013. The discussion was based on a number of presentations, attach these documents: