test reports

Bus reports can be accessed in electronic form by entering the bus database (click on box to right) or can be ordered in hard copy from the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center for $12.00 each plus shipping and handling.

All the data collected from the various tests on a bus are compiled into a report that contains the test results and, if the manufacturer requests, recommendations for possible design changes or improvements. (There are no minimum performance standards for the tests nor are the tests rated "pass" or "fail.") The bus reports are considered confidential until the manufacturer gives permission to publish it or until such time as the manufacturer responds to a procurement bid by a Federal Transit Administration-funded recipient.

Prior to purchase, recipients requesting federal funding must obtain a copy of the report for the specific bus model that is to be purchased using federal funds. This enables the recipient to manage risk during procurement by providing an unbiased means of comparing bus performance on standardized tests.

In addition, bus data are now available by entering the bus database (click on box to right) . The bus database contains the data from all of the bus reports, allows the user to perform queries for specific cross-referenced data, to perform statistical analysis of the bus data, and to print a full copy of any bus report.